Products features of TSUKASA


Recently, the term GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) becomes familiar to food industry, FDA: quality management system of the Food and Drug etc. (Food and Drug Administration Food and Drug Administration) has been developed, HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points: Hazard Analysis-important it is a program of the criteria is a prerequisite of the control point).
Its contents demand a close examination of the structure of manufacturing factories, operation and management of facilities, quality, sanitation and manufacture control of products.
To respond to the sanitary management etc. of facilities requested by the GMP and make facilities "suitable and easy-to-wash design", TSUKASA designs, develops and manufactures products with the basic concept "Cannot be insanitary, will not cause any pollution, and is easy to clean if it gets dirty" for devices and plants.

Practice of the health and safety of TSUKASA